Bahamas Engagement Session on Pig Island


January 13, 2021


Plan a Stunning Beach Engagement And Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot on Pig Island, Bahamas:

We always love getting the opportunity to travel abroad to new and beautiful locales to shoot
captivating editorial engagement and pre-wedding photo shoots with the amazing couples we get the vested
privilege to work with. We recently had the joy of travelling to the gorgeous and uninhabited “Pig Island”,
located on the island of Big Major Cay in the Bahamas. This majestic slice of paradise is world renowned for
being populated by a colony of pigs and being an all-around stunning spot to visit.

We always enjoy shooting beach engagement and pre-wedding shoots for the beautiful locales and
endless creative directions we can go in. Getting the opportunity this time around to shoot on the glorious Pig
Island was an absolute dream come true for us as editorial engagement and pre-wedding photographers and as
well travelled world explorers.

We extend to you a few tips and tricks of the trade to help you prepare for your upcoming beach
engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot:

Shoot At Either Sunrise Or Sunset For The Most Captivating Shots:

One of the greatest perks of shooting engagement and pre-wedding shots on a beach is the ability to
take outstanding editorial shots either during sunrise or sunset! We love working with the beautiful natural
sunlight that a sunrise offers to capture soft, romantic and whimsical shots of our couples. Sunsets are the
perfect opportunity to amp up the romance and style and take some incredible highly stylized editorial shots
of our couples.

Put Your Most Stylish Foot Forward:

Beach shoots allow you to be incredibly crafty with your choice of wardrobe, makeup and
accessories. Soft, flowy and romantic clothing and accessories always look phenomenal on our couples during
beach shoots and coordinate beautifully with the surrounding waves and sand. While those styles work
wonderfully with shooting on a beach, we always encourage our couples to embrace their unique and fantastic
personal tastes and choose styles that make them feel their most stunning.

Be Prepared To Face The Elements:

Beach weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so we always advise our couples to be prepared to
face any type of weather on the day of their shoot. Load up on the sunscreen, water and hats if doing a soft
and romantic sunrise shoot and bring a shawl and coat if shooting a glam sunset shoot.

Embrace All Of Your Surroundings:

We love beach shoots for all the beautiful natural surroundings that they provide us with. We always
encourage our couples to stroll along the soft sandy beach, frolic or swim in the majestic waves and perhaps
pose against some breathtaking rock formations.

Our recent shoot on Pig Island afforded our couple to fully embrace all of the amazing surroundings
that the beach presented them with. They were able to stroll the luminous sandy shoreline, frolic and swim in
the majestic waves with the island's most famous residents, the pigs!

Relax And Have Fun:

Planning an engagement or pre-wedding shoot can be very arduous and time consuming, so it is very
important to make sure you allow yourself to have some much needed relaxation and fun on the day of the
shoot. Beaches are the perfect excuse to soak up some sun, feel the warm sand between your toes and have a
ball of a time shooting the most exquisite editorial engagement and pre-wedding shots possible.

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