Carm and Chris's Columbia Centre Wedding


September 29, 2021


Regal and lush Mediterranean gardens, statuesque fountains, charming gazebos and a luxurious  ballroom, make the Columbus Centre a sight to behold. This spectacular wedding venue (located in Toronto’s north end) is nestled on 4 acres of sprawling land and was an inspired choice of venue for Carmela and Chris to hold the elegant wedding of their dreams. This stunning venue is also a dreamlike locale for wedding editorial photographers such as ourselves to shoot at.

Carmela and Chris are both wonderfully warm, charming and witty. Working with couples like them always pushes our creative boundaries to the limit, and results in us creating and capturing the most dynamic shots.

On their big day, Carmela and Chris both looked exquisite and like they had stepped straight out of the glossy pages of any wedding editorial magazine. Carmela was an absolute vision in her crisp white wedding gown, with delicate lace overlay and dramatic trumpet skirt. Chris cut a dapper figure in his classically tailored navy blue tuxedo. They radiated grace and love throughout the day, and that made every shot we snapped all the more exceptional.

The ceremony which was held outdoors in one of the Columbus Centre’s magical and magnificent gardens was simply divine. The decor in the garden was dressed in an understated and classic fashion, that let the natural beauty of the garden shine through. The ceremony was splendidly touching and poignant, and tied together each shot we executed perfectly.

The rich textured hardwood flooring and striking chandeliers found in the ballroom at the Columbus Centre, made Carmela and Chris’s reception dazzle. The reception decor closely mirrored the decor of the ceremony with its timeless elegance and vibrant pop of greenery. The energy of the reception was warm and jovial,and created the perfect atmosphere for us to create photography magic.

One of our favourite shots from the wedding, was easily the portrait we shot of Carmela and Chris’s matching anchor tattoos. It is a simple shot that speaks volumes and beautifully encapsulates the   special and cherished love between Carmela and Chris.

Carmela and Chris, we greatly thank-you for letting us work with you to create timeless memories from one of the most cherished days of your lives. All the best to you both, as you embark on the next exciting chapter of your lives.

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