August 14, 2022


One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs as wedding editorial photographers is getting the opportunity to shoot at some of the most awe-inspiring wedding venues in Toronto, the GTA and abroad. Madsen’s Greenhouse Banquet Hall (located in Newmarket) with its elegant and vibrant indoor greenery and gardens has been one of the most spectacular wedding venues we have had the chance to shoot at to date. This majestic greenhouse was the most inspired venue for Candy and Tony to hold the wedding of their dreams.

High school sweethearts Candy and Tony are truly a couple for the ages. Candy and Tony, an acclaimed media television host (for leading Chinese media channel Fairchild TV) and talented professional tattoo artist/photography enthusiast were an absolute dream to work with. Their charm,wit, and creativity was evident in every aspect of their grand wedding.

Candy and Tony’s warm and inviting nature made for a wedding full of beautiful and sentimental personal touches. One of the most memorable parts of their ceremony was seeing their adorable dog Meatball (attired in a charming bow tie) walking down the aisle as their official ring bearer. Candy and Tony showcased the beauty and grace of their culture by wearing traditional Chinese wedding XiuHes in glorious tones of gold, red and burgundy. The ceremony and reception truly were the perfect blend of glamour, charm and tradition.

The striking design of Madsen’s Greenhouse coupled with Candy and Tony’s inspired decor choices made for a wedding that was a true feast for the eyes. Their ceremony space held in one of the venue’s lush gardens was perfectly outfitted with soft blush and cream coloured flowers that made all the surrounding rich greenery triumphantly pop. During the reception scores of miniature lights were strewn from the ceiling and greenery to transform the wedding into an elegant and whimsical wonderland.

Throughout the day Candy and Tony were outfitted in three different wedding looks that were straight out of the pages of any couture wedding editorial magazine. Further traditional touches were added to the day with the chic addition of Tony’s bright red bow tie and Candy’s breathtaking brilliant ruby red reception dress. Candy and Tony’s natural grace, charm and past modelling and photography experience made them absolute naturals when it came to striking the most editorial worthy poses. We could not have been more pleased with the variety of editorial shots we captured at this marvellous wedding.

Candy and Tony, we sincerely thank you for letting us take part in this most magical day and wish you a lifetime filled with love and happiness.

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