Gigi and Ben’s Evergreen Brickworks Engagement Session


January 25, 2021


Evergreen Brick Works was created in 2010 to be Canada’s first grand community-driven environmental centre to promote the exploration of concepts to foster sustainable cities. Nestled in the lush and gorgeous ravines of Toronto’s Don River Valley, this groundbreaking cultural hub has served as an influential aid in educating the community at large through cultural and nature-based programs. This stunning oasis also serves as a glorious event space to host small and more grandiose private events at perhaps the BMO Atrium, the CRH Gallery, the Pavilions and the centre’s charming on-site cafe, Café Belong. Evergreen Brick Works was the most inspired choice of locale for Gigi and Ben’s natural and candid engagement shoot. Evergreen Brick Works would be any Toronto/GTA engagement and wedding photographer’s absolute dream locale to shoot astounding shots at.

Gigi and Ben are an immensely charismatic and affable couple who have been together for 6 love-filled years together. The couple, who are getting married later this year knew exactly what style of engagement shots they wanted. Gigi and Ben are naturally graceful and playful and wanted their shots to reflect their laid-back attitudes in a natural and candid manner. We love staging shoots of all styles and calibre and were very excited to work with them to translate their easygoing and friendly personalities into captivating shots. We were able to easily work with Gigi and Ben on devising some effortlessly natural and candid romantic interactive poses in each and every one of their shots.

Café Belong and the gorgeous outdoor forestry and greenery were the perfect spots at Evergreen Brick Works to shoot Gigi and Ben’s dream engagement shoot at. The café was the ideal charming backdrop to effortlessly capture Gigi and Ben in natural and candid romantic poses with one another. We, of course could not shoot at Evergreen Brick Works without shooting some mesmerizing outdoor shots. Gigi and Ben looked simply ravishing in their candid and laid-back outdoor nature shots. The dreamy forestry of Evergreen Brick Works was the perfect “je ne sais quoi” for our delightfully natural and candid engagement shoot.

Gigi and Ben, we wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss together and warmly thank you for letting us work with you on your utterly fabulous engagement shoot. Cant wait for your upcoming wedding!

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