How to Rock Your Engagement Shoot – A High Park Toronto Engagement Photo Session


January 13, 2021



We absolutely adore executing engagement shoots. Watching couples so genuinely in love and excited to set out on a new and special chapter in their lives, always warms our hearts. We are always inspired by the amazing and innovative engagement photo shoots that the couples we work with seamlessly plan. From our years shooting dynamic and innovative engagement shoots, we are excited to share some “tricks of the trade” with you engaged couples out there who are seeking to plan the most fantastic engagement photo shoot imaginable!


When setting out on the exciting path of planning your dream engagement photo shoot, it can be super helpful to first off choose the tone/theme that you want your shoot to have. Determining if you want your shoot to be decadently glam, or perhaps more laid back and cool will set the perfect foundation to aid you in flawlessly tying everything together in the end. This is your special day, so go all out and do not limit yourself creatively!


After setting the tone/theme of your engagement shoot, choosing the ideal location for said shoot can be a great next step to take.

We always recommend to our couples to choose a locale that has extra special meaning to them. Whether you decide on the charming local park you fell in love with after having a romantic picnic, or that dreamy beach abroad that you have been yearning to visit, if the location is special to you two as a couple, it will be the perfect spot to hold your shoot. We always love hearing the creative and sweet stories that our couples share with us in regards to choosing their engagement shoot locations. We are super excited for you to share your stories too!


We absolutely love all the creativity and especially fun that goes into choosing the perfect wardrobe, hair and makeup for an engagement shoot. This is definitely the time to let all of your creativity truly flair, and choose a look that is going to perfectly take your engagement shoot into overdrive!

We cannot recommend enough that you choose outfits that are going to be comfortable to be worn for several hours and that are flexible enough for you to be able to strike poses that would make any editorial model ripe with envy.

Checking out the current hot trends in the fashion and beauty world can be a fantastic source of inspiration to help you choose your fierce engagement shoot look. We feel that whether you choose trends that are hot right now or fifty years ago, it is always paramount to choose wardrobe, hair and makeup that is going to let your confidence soar and make you feel like your best self. Always remember that your beautiful and warm smile will be your best fashion accessory and is forever timeless.


Choosing unique and playful props are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to jazz up any engagement shoot!

Choosing props for your engagement shoot is another great way to tap into all that your creative genius has to offer. Choosing props for your shoot is the perfect way to add those last creative finishing touches needed to tie everything together. The great thing about props is that whether you are going for a super high fashion editorial look or a more laid-back ethereal look, you will absolutely be able to find props that will perfectly fit your desired aesthetic.

If you are a wildly creative couple (or perhaps have family and friends that are) or have a very strict budget that you need to adhere to, making your own props yourself could be the answer! Working on your props with your loved ones could be a fantastic way to bond and to make them an important part of a very special day.

We hope that each and every one of you planning (or soon to be planning) your dream engagement photo shoot, thoroughly enjoys and cherishes the whirlwind of creativity, fun, love and romance that you will experience at each and every turn throughout the process. Happy planning!

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