Lemmon and Andrew’s Elegant and Chic Winter Wedding


January 13, 2021


This past winter we had the pleasure of working with Lemmon and Andrew. Their charming, warm and affable personalities made their wedding day a truly gorgeous and poignant affair. Their dream day consisted of an editorial bridal boudoir shoot and their ceremony and reception that were  both held at the stylish event venue, The Forth.

Working with Lemmon on her editorial bridal boudoir shoot was a true joy. Her warm demeanour, infectious smile and natural grace made each and every shot look straight out of any top glossy editorial fashion magazine. Lemmon looked absolutely angelic in the crisp white satin and lace slip that she wore. Her stunning bouquet with soft peach and cream roses added the perfect finishing touches to the romantic boudoir shoot. We kept this shoot light and dreamy by making great use of all the natural light that was pouring into the space. At the end of the shoot, Lemmon felt refreshed, empowered and ready to get on with the rest of her special day.

Before the ceremony we took advantage of a gorgeous nearby church to take some captivating outdoor shots of Lemmon and Andrew. Despite the frigid winter weather, we shot some breathtaking  editorial shots of Lemmon and Andrew amidst the stately, old world charm of the church. Lemmon and Andrew were absolute professionals and delivered some exceptionally dreamy and romantic shots. They both looked effortlessly elegant, regal and head over heels in love with each other.

Lemmon and Andrew had a touching and lovely ceremony at the Forth. The Forth, located on the Danforth, is a grand and stylish 8000 sq ft venue that is fit for any elegant and chic wedding. Its ceremony space was stunning and exquisitely decorated with statuesque white columns,vibrant peach and cream toned bouquets and soft blush pink and ivory satin drapes that delicately framed the altar space. The ceremony was truly beautiful and heartwarming and afforded us some superb editorial shots. Lemmon and Andrew’s sweet and poignant love for each other gloriously sparkled throughout the day.

Lemmon and Andrew held their splendid and refined reception later that evening at the Forth. Their reception was just as lovely, heartfelt and poignant as their ceremony. Many of Lemmon and Andrew’s loved ones gave beautiful and moving speeches about them throughout the night. Their reception was the perfect ending to a magnificent wedding that was filled to the brim with style, grace, charm and lots of love.

Lemmon and Andrew, we are truly honoured to have worked with you and been present on your special day. Your wedding was truly a beautiful and joyous occasion. We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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